Melchia Investments has developed a Digital Nationwide Address System that is post code enabled and ready for immediate deployment. High level features of the system include:

Policy Framework & Standards
  • Has been developed in accordance with the Ghana National Street Naming and Property Addressing Policy of 2011 and the Operational Guidelines of 2010.
  • Conforms to the Global Postal Addressing Standards as advocated by the Universal Postal Union as well as to relevant ISO standards. This will immediately enable Ghana Post to conduct door-to-door delivery using a platform that conforms to the highest international standards.
Streets Coding Module
  • Import and digitally store individual street segments including the street geometry.
  • Automatically allocate unique street reference numbers across Ghana.
  • Treat multiple street segments as one street where the segments are continuous.
  • Ability to reallocate street segments to adjoining streets if necessary to improve accuracy and changes
  • Ability to classify the suitability of the street (e.g. can it carry vehicles or just suitable for pedestrians, etc)
  • Classification of the road surface.
  • Ability to classify whether streets are one or two way for traffic
  • Ability to log height and width restrictions for traffic on any street
  • Adaptable to accommodate additional specifications

Land and Property Coding Module
  • Import and store land and property based on the centroid or general internal point
  • Automatically allocate  unique property reference numbers across Ghana
  • Enable allocation of a three tier land and property classification to any land or property (commercial, residential, military, etc.)
  • Store the latitude and longitude for each piece of land or property
  • Ability to easily move geographical boundaries to support continuous reviews
  • Ability to have a hierarchy for land and property (e.g. multiple units within a shopping mall or multiple flats within a block)
  • Ability to store multiple polygons against the land or property to represent things like its physical features, formal tenancy agreements, registered land title, rental agreement, etc.)
  • Allocation of status to indicate whether it is in use, under planning, unoccupied, under construction or demolished
  • Ability to automatically link a property or land to a street based on proximity
  • Adaptable to accommodate additional modifications
Spatial Boundaries Module
  • Storage and maintenance of all official spatial boundaries in Ghana including Region, District, Metro / Sub Metro , Community and other smaller units.  . 
Street Naming Module
  • Adoption of existing street names.
  • Automatic naming of any streets without names as a "system generated street name" across the whole of Ghana.
  • Ability to allocate an official street name when available.
  • Ability to hold more than one name per street to cater for historic and local names
  • Adaptable to accommodate additional street name specifications
Land and Property Addressing Module
  • Adoption of any existing numbering or naming.
  • Ability to automatically allocate property number based on the World Bank's decametric numbering convention.
  • Cater for property and land hierarchy in the addressing convention (Flats, shopping mall units, etc.)
  • Ability to allocate and maintain more than one address per property, to cater for provisional addresses (e.g. plot numbers) cater for historic addresses when an address has changed (e.g. new company occupies building) and alternate addresses where the building has entrances to more than one street or has a local name / number.
  • Ability to automatically inherit the relevant spatial boundary characteristics of region, district, community, etc. to form part of the address.
  • Adaptable to accommodate additional address specifications
Address Maintenance Module
  • Our solution enables users to implement these addressing changes at both local and national level. 
Address Searching Module
  • Enables search across all elements of streets and properties for the maintenance of this data.
  • The system provides for any person with the appropriate access to search for any street, land or property using a web browser.
  • Enables any IT system to search for an address by means of a set of web services. 

Post Coding Module
  • Automatic allocation of geographically derived post codes.
  • Ability to integrate with navigation systems such as TomTom, Navmii etc
  • Ability to integrate with what3words (three word address) as an alternate to a postcode.
Conveyancing and Property Management
    • Our solution has a property management module that enables the management of valuation, titles and tenancy of land and property to be carried out. 
Interaction with People ID systems
    • Our solution can interact with National Identification Database and other ID Systems.
    • Provide a search engine functions to all user agencies particularly Security.
    Private Sector Access
    • Private sector organisations can gain access to the data by means of our web services. This can be a source of revenue for the government. This will provide a significant boost to e-commerce in Ghana. 
    Interaction with other systems
    • This can be enabled by using our web services for real time searching and extraction of addresses.
    • Third party systems can also be proactively "fed" with address changes from our system. This keeps their localised addresses up to date.
    Sector specific data
        • We have industry based add-ons for each of the following areas. Our system can easily be adapted for more industry sectors
        • Central Government - For strategic planning
        • Local Authority - For property tax collection and service provision
        • Postal Services
        • Police - For emergency response and criminal investigation
        • Fire - For emergency response and proactive fire prevention
        • Ambulance - For emergency response
        • Health - For consistency and accuracy of patient records across all departments
        • Banking / Insurance - For consistency and accuracy of addresses and fraud detection
        • Utilities - For accurate billing and supply addresses
        • Public Transport
        • Telecommunications
        • Delivery services
      Public Adoption and new mobile based technology

      We have continued to innovate and have released a mobile phone app that can give every citizen in Ghana access to every address in Ghana by means of Augmented Reality Technology (ART). The ART allows any smartphone user to download and call up an address by pointing the device on the property. Ghana can be the first country in the world to adopt this, leap frogging countries with more established addressing systems.