Advent GIS: A Comprehensive Enterprise GIS Solution
Advent GIS: An Overview
  • Advent GIS is an Enterprise GIS based visual platform which incorporates Maps coupled with 3600 Immersive Panoramic Imagery
  • It’s USP is it’s Visual Versatility which is second to none and can facilitate the functioning of one’s Business in multiple ways
  • Offline Tablet Mapping’, a first of it’s kind unique solution assists Field Agents in acquiring data without the need for internet connectivity or physical maps
  • As a platform it can be used to build and implement a plethora of solutions which will help in performing jobs accurately and in less time, bringing efficiency into the whole system
  • With a strong focus on ‘Ground Reality’ based Panoramic Imagery, solutions created on this platform are guaranteed to revolutionize the way projects are deployed and executed
Advent GIS: The Functioning

Advent GIS aims at revamping the existing tools and technologies used for property and Household surveys. The entire process is executed on two applications:

1. Web Application: It is used by the Project Stakeholders, Regional Managers/ District Collectors for comprehensive control over the entire project life cycle.

property and Household surveys. The entire process is executed on two applications:

2. Tablet Application: It is utilized by the Field Data Collection Agents to acquire the requisite Property and Household Data Information

Advent GIS: The Concept

In Advent GIS, the basic unit of Administration is called a Grid. It’s an imaginary square having Dimensions of 200meters by 200 meters on the ground. Grids have been created in such a manner that they will never contain more than 250 properties. This facilitates effective administrative capabilities of the personnel using Advent GIS for their respective projects.

The map of Ghana has been divided into numerous such Grids. This ensures smooth execution of various project activities that will be carried out on the Advent GIS platform.

Advent GIS: Project Life-Cycles Redefined

From a Project point of view, Advent GIS provides the capability to Assign, Monitor and Control various aspects of your project lifecycle on a Regional Level, District Level, Sub-Metro Level, right down to a Community Level.

This means that irrespective of the Nature or Vertical of your Project, Advent GIS is geared with all the necessary functionalities to empower you and your company to execute your project with resounding success whilst saving immensely on human effort, time and project cost.

The map of Ghana has been divided into numerous such Grids. This ensures smooth execution of various project activities that will be carried out on the Advent GIS platform.

Advent GIS: Current Module
1. The Digital Mapping and Addressing Project
The Digital Mapping and Addressing project aims to increase the sanitation quality of Ghana. This project is of immense social importance as it will effectively increase the standard of living of the citizens of Ghana by improving the existing sanitation practices in place. The project is being executed as noted below:

i. Property and Household Registration
Field Agents equipped with their tablets visit their respective allocated grids and collect Property and Household data information. During Data Collection they will be capturing the existing waste management practices of a particular property/household, number of bins currently in use, number of additional bins required and most importantly number of bins required by new customers.

At the back end Regional Data Coordinators and District Team Leaders are continuously allocating new grids, monitoring ongoing data collection and tracking individual agent progress. The level of overall control achieved in this project by using Advent GIS is path-breaking to say the least. At the command Centre, Project Stakeholders and Management Involved have a complete view of the entire project as it unfolds live throughout all of Ghana.

ii. Bin Picking
Once a customer has been successfully registered, the bin picking truck will be alerted to pick up the bins at the scheduled time and date as desired by the customer. Using RFID chips on board both the truck and the bin, the bin picking process is completely automated. This ensures that no households/properties are missed if they have been scheduled for bin picking.

As evident this is a very dynamic solution as routes for the bin picking can change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Advent GIS has been equipped to handle these constantly changing requirements with ease.

iii. Vehicle Tracking
At the command centre where the vehicles are dispatched, Advent GIS provides a view of the location of every individual bin picking truck on the road. LIVE.

Advent GIS: Future Modules

1. Tax Notice Distribution and Tracking
This Solution aims at ensuring maximum number of individuals are accounted for during the tax invoice distribution process.

Field Agents equipped with the tablet application go to individual households and provide ‘Tax Invoices’. Households visited are tagged in the tablet application and updated to the main database.

Regional Managers/ District Collectors can Control, Monitor and Manage the project progress on Advent GIS. Thus they have a complete and precise assessment of the entire life-cycle of the distribution of tax invoice.

A Unified Enterprise GIS Solution