Revenue Collection & Management System

Our system is crafted based on the different social groups to bring convenience to the clients of our clients by providing several channels of payment and also provide a real time link between payments made to revenue collection agents on the field and the company providing the services being paid for.

Payment Options:

  • Third Party Financial Agency (Bank);

    Direct debit
    Over the counter payment
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  • Revenue Collection Agents;;

    POS; the agent visits the client’s home to collect payment. As soon as the agent receives the cash and issues a receipt, the payment reflects at the back office and the clients account is credited with the amount paid. At the end of the day, the agent reconciles cash received with payments on the system at the end of the day. This ensures accountability and transparency.

  • Online Payment;;

    Payment is done through our website by clicking the “NaWapp/epay” button which gives you an option to make payment through mobile money or card.

  • Prepaid cards/vouchers